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Space Science

The Space Travel Law Association (STELA) is an organization of international attorneys, industry experts, and university professors dedicated to the peaceful development of outer space as resource to be shared by all of humanity. STELA's members pool their resources, talents, and connections to provide assistance with the space travel goals of private citizens, as well as corporate and government interests.
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SPACE TRAVELLERS - the first commercial Space Agency of the world, will give new insights and wíll create new feelings. They are focussed on special events concerning of flying and being in space. For private customers as well as for corporate clients.
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In SpaceTravel.Org, there are news and information about space travel, as well as space travel history. There are also various articles and documents on astronomy, planets and stars as well as a handy space encyclopedia listing some common astronomical and space travel terminology.
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Sputnik1 was the first Earth-orbiting artificial satellite. Sputnik 1 was launched into earths orbit on October 4th 1957 by the Soviet Union. To put sputnik into space the soviets used a powerful rocket to launch it high above Earth and shoot it to the ground at a very high speed. It's primary purpose was to send back temperatures of space. It did so in the form of beeps. On January 31, 1958, the tide changed, when the United States successfully launched Explorer I.
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The Foundation for Space Exploration has been established with specific philanthropic goals in its charter and a growing core of dedicated people and benefactors who wish to contribute to the world's intellectual, economic, and social health in direct and visible ways. FSX aim to make The Foundation for Space Exploration that new institution.
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Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) was officially decommissioned on Dec. 14, 2005. Most of the UARS atmospheric composition measurements are being continued with EOS Aura and all of the UARS solar irradiance measurements are being continued with SORCE .
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