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Evolutionary Metaphysics means “to contemplate the existence of the universe in light of the theory of evolution”. Natural evolution depends on random mutation, and some people believe this proves that consciousness has no higher purpose. This might be true, but there are other important concepts that need to be considered before committing to any particular belief about our existence.
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The International Metaphysical Ministry is a worldwide association of Metaphysical Ministers for higher consciousness education. Metaphysics is derived from the Greek words, meta, (meaning after, or beyond)  and physiká, (meaning physics) and investigates the principles of reality transcending those of the physical world. Since metaphysics is concerned with the ultimate and non-physical nature of things, all religions that acknowledge the existence of God, or the human soul, are therefore metaphysical in nature.
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Spiritual metaphysics combines the studies of metaphysics with spirituality, and is concerned with the metaphysical, incorporeal source of reality and being. You can learn more about metaphysics and spirituality by reading the articles regularly posted here on our blog, Spiritual Metaphysics.
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The mission of the university of metaphysics is to offer spirituality to a world in need of Higher Spiritual Truth beyond that found in conventional, traditional, fundamentalist, or dogmatic religions and to create a diversity of new approaches to ministry so that Higher Spirituality may reach the public through various means not confined to traditional church building congregations.
(Clicks: 0; Listing added: Sep 1, 2010) Listing Details Report Broken  Listing is a metaphysics educational site. Metaphysics has an infinite array of possible answers to all of these questions. I will do my best to point you in the right direction and help you to find your answers to these questions for yourself. I will not simply preach my answers, as many other people do.
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