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The Division of Analytical Chemistry (DAC) of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS) is the forum for analytical sciences and chemical measurement in chemistry, materials and life sciences. It represents its members in national and international organizations.
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The Association for Clinical Biochemistry (ACB) was founded in 1953, and is one of the oldest such Associations in the world. Based in the United Kingdom, it is a professional body dedicated to the practice and promotion of clinical science
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Chemistry is the science of matter, its forms and transformations. Physical Chemistry is concerned with the fundamental aspects of Chemistry as spelled out by its basic physical laws. Physical Chemistry tries to understand properties and transformations in terms of energies and particles such as molecules, atoms and electrons
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Molarity calculator is very useful for students, teachers. We are Serving the education field without any cost.
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The ChemLin concept offers the user decisive advantages for instance compared to search engines: The order of informations and editorial revising of separate entries not only leads the ChemLin visitor ballast free to the desired information source, but the source can (generally) also be reached
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VCCL objective of this project, is to develop multi-platform software allowing the computational chemist to perform a comprehensive series of molecular properties calculations and data analysis on Internet. The software will be based on three-tier architecture that is becoming widespread to provide client-server services over the world
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The field of inorganic chemistry is one of the broadest in chemistry, covering the entire Periodic Table of the Elements, yet is heavily specialized into subdisciplines.  For inorganic faculty with diverse teaching loads and deep yet narrow training within a subdiscipline, curricular innovation faces considerable barriers.  These are particularly formidable when faculty choose to incorporate topics outside of their comfort zone into lecture and laboratory courses.
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A portal site which collects and independently annotates all useful organic chemistry sites and present them in an intuitive and user-friendly way. Chemical information falls into one of two categories: either you know it or you know where to find it! In today's world, the internet is by far the most popular way to search for information
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